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Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering    

Discover the Degree Energy and Sustainability Engineering


The training provided by the new Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering (GEES) in the field of energy and emerging technologies is a strategic priority, both at European and world-wide level.

Why the GEES in Lleida?

Likewise, the forecast of labour insertion for the graduates in the Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering is similar to that for the other degrees in the industrial field. In this sense, it should be noted that employment statistics, facilitated by AQU, corresponding to industrial technical engineer (mechanical speciality) indicate that almost 93% of the graduates are working, having finished the degree in 2010.

Professional opportunities ...

  • Energy companies (electricity, water, gas).
  • Technical management in companies with intensive use of energy.
  • Engineering, consulting, certification companies.
  • To conduct environmental impact assessments, energy efficiency studies, etc.
  • Renewable energy sector.
  • Public administration.
  • Teaching and research.
  • ...

Take this opportunity and be the first to take this pioneering training!